April 2, 2006

Indoctrination Rules! Bonus: It's Dax!

The Los Angeles Times did a totally kickin' article about how some plucky teens in Missouri are, like, totally rebelling against the sickeningly entrenched Evolutionist establishment! They use radical church resources like DVDs to combat the specter of empirical knowledge!

Fuck, man, at least the burnouts in my high school rebelled by buying giant pants, doing three hits of E every day at lunch, and gnashing their teeth all through Regular Chemistry, which I of course took. (Not to brag, but I received a B-.) They at least had the decency to be awesome, which these fuckheads don't.

Unrelatedly, the D recently ran a movie review of the movie "V for Vendetta." The headline was "R for Retarded." Quickly! Someone please explain to me how this is at all acceptable. The D has recently come under the leadership of one Dax Tejera who, by all accounts, is a giant asshole. (It should be noted at this point that I am more than a bit biased, as my youngest brother Jack, age 8, has Down Syndrome.) I am certainly not implying anything but the question is begged: if I had a newspaper, and I decided to run a headline "P is for Pretentious, Drunk-Driving Prick" would he be okay with me publishing it?

[edit] Seal makes the valid point that I was also being a dick.

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