April 9, 2006

More on Iran

The British press (The Times, The Telegraph, Apr. 9) is reporting that the Bush Administration has already decided to bomb Iran's nuclear facilities before it relinquishes power in 2008. The attack may be delayed until 2007, when "Big Blu," a 15 ton conventional "bunker buster" bomb, is ready. A nuclear strike is also in contemplation. The idea is to present the nation and world with a fait accompli rather than to attempt to secure UN approval or to wrangle together another "coalition of the willing."
Leiter Reports

Here is a thorough analysis of all the reasons why invading or even just bombing Iran would be utterly self-destructive. This is really important reading for anyone who is concerned even a little that there is a possibility we may bomb Iran, and should be required reading for people who brush that possibility off.

People like Joe Malchow, that is. Here is Joe, the condensed version:

Seymour Hersh is a horrible journalist and always wrong, but I'm going to affirm everything that he accused Bush of doing and call it responsible leadership. And if you don't like the ideas of imperialism and using nuclear weapons on a country that poses no immediate threat, you should shut up, because that might make the President look bad in front of his enemies.

O, one more thing: Israel's plan for taking out the Iranian nuclear sites includes the use of explosives-carrying dogs.

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