April 4, 2006

'Don't Be Wavin' no Hispanic Flags Around Here, Ya Hear!'

DailyKos post aggregating the conservative furor over the presence of Mexican flags at protests about, well, the conservative furor over the presence of Mexicans in America.

My favorite quote has to be John McCain: "the Hispanic community risks a backlash if it become unruly or too many Hispanic flags - and not enough American flags - are at these protests."

A) They are protesting an already occurring, irrational backlash
B) What is a Hispanic flag? Can John McCain not say the word "Mexican?"

Also, I don't watch CNN that often, so I had no idea that Lou Dobbs has turned into a zealous hatehead. Wow is he a prick.

More: Read this post from VoxBaby—the extended quotation from Real Clear Politics does an admirable job approximating how I think a lot of people actually feel about immigration.

Then read the first comment to the post—it shows why that notion of immigration is historically inaccurate and therefore, I would say, dangerous to apply to the current situation.

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