April 26, 2006

I Hope This Makes a Goddamn Bit of Difference

The election went just the way we hoped it would- Andreadis by a landslide, followed by Zubricki, Patinkin, and Chick.

Hopefully the country will follow our example here in a coupla months.

Results elaborated upon here.

It is my belief that somewhere there exists some '10 girl who will go to some frat one night and NOT get raped, based on what we've done here today. How can you put a price on that shit?

The other thing to keep in mind is that this is the 09 class's first experience with an election, and it was actually worthy of an institution of the caliber we've supposedly got going here. Hopefully they won't go back to running on vending machines and supporting the Greek system EVEN MORE.


  1. Anonymous8:34 PM

    conor, your ridiculous hyperbole reveals your lack of intellect. andreadis won't get anything done in SA unless he can keep the SA behind him...which he won't. His platform and ideas were alarming but also far from what the students interested in doing student government (which is athankless, mocked, and mostly unresume-fulfilling committment if you think about it) want to do.
    Tim's belief that he can eliminate or decrease sexual assaults played to campus fears and played off the recent Duke lacrosse scandal. Suggesting that the SA has been an adamantly pro-Greek entity is also pretty stupid. While two of the last three presidents were Greek, during the last decade+ most of SA has been non-Greek and most presdients have been non-Greek...indeed, part of the SA impotence has been an inability to coordinate the SA with the Greeks and the Greek/organizantional leadership. Tim will not be able to do this, either, and will become a voice yelling to an audience that ignores him, if it is there at all.
    BTW-I did vote but I felt like none of the candidates were at all as able as any of those that ran last year. Hell, I didnt think there was even a Janos-quality candidate...

  2. Totally. Good point, the SA presidency is certainly unresume-fulfilling. I didn't realize that until I thought about it.

    Scared little boy: I don't think you're getting it. This isn't about coordinating with anybody. This is about making a very simple map that lets me know when you rape a girl. This is about asking why all of our minority profs are leaving instead of saving Tubestock. I understand that the concept of a student body which cares more about rape and minority profs than it does about Tubestock is a little unsettling to you, but give Tim a chance and actually see what he does.

  3. I think Tim's election is actually a win-win situation for Dartmouth. If he isn't able to follow through on his platform, we're back to the status quo--an out-of-touch SA and a disaffected student body, which we've lived with up to now--but if he succeeds, we'll have made progress on some really important isues, and maybe even save people from being raped. The whole thing strikes me as low-risk, high-reward, given we've already lost everything we had to lose. I say give Tim a chance.

  4. I think NEP has a good point that I hadn't thought of before. I mean, things certainly can't get any worse for SA, so what's the difference? The worst Tim can do is get up on stage at Convocation and give an imflammitory speech that leaves every '10 girl convinced she will be raped. Best case, he only touches on the issue in his Convocation speech, and devises some system that's actually effective and addresses the issue in a constructive manner otherwise.

  5. Anonymous4:38 PM

    Connor Shepherd '07 is worthless sack of shit, Tim's presidency turned out to be a flop.