April 25, 2006

Dartmouth People Read This


You need to vote for Tim Andreadis for SA President. It actually is important that you do this. At this point it shouldn't be necessary to go over why. All you libby kids who read this blog should at some point stop by Robo 107 and see what you can do, if only for like half an hour. It will be as easy as taking your laptop to collis for 45 minutes and hanging out and yelling "have you voted?" a lot.

If you are like me, you'll be somewhat anxious at the thought of people's dirty hands all over your business. But I bought some rubbing alcohol today at Topside, and I will hook you up. Your computer will actually be CLEANER when you're done than it was when you started, and you'll FEEL better, too, cause you're preventing sexual assault!

And trying to keep your minority professors!

And sticking it to the D!

Your penis will probably grow an inch or so, unless you are a girl, in which case your partner's penis will probably grow some, unless your are a lesbian or possibly even bisexual girl who is currently involved with another woman, in which case your penis growth will be donated to that place in the world where there is the most need.

Please stress that you need to write Tim in. Also, if any of your filthy friends wish to vote for Patinkin, tell them to put Timmy second, on the grounds that Patinkin is probably gonna be out pretty quick, so a 2nd place vote for Timmy should be just as good as a 1st in such cases.

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