April 9, 2006

Manliness at the Review

From Weston Sager's quasi-review of Harvey Mansfield's book, Manliness:
While men are more naturally suited for leadership positions with their brazen self-confidence and desire for recognition, women succeed in positions where nurturing and verbal skill are more important than manly assertiveness.
Ahhhh. So this explains why the Review can't write well anymore. Verbal skills are womanly.

Go play some badminton, Weston, and try not to over-exert your "preverbal muscles," whatever those are.

O, and just as an aside, I think I spied Review editor Dan Linsalata sporting what appeared to be a white woven belt the other day. Whatever "manliness" is, it is not white woven belts. Unfortunately, the "womanliness" of the belt didn't do very much in helping Mr. Linsalata write an editorial. YA GET IT?

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