April 12, 2006

Secrets from Inside the White House

Something Awful thread from "a White House insider" detailing small quirks and embarrassing anecdotes about many of the top brass. Funny, even if it may not be true. Amazing if it is.

Regardless of the truth of these anecdotes, the original poster makes some very good points, like this one:
Democracy as a government relies upon the ability of factions to compromise on divisive issues through rational debate instead of violence. The current political power brokers have figured out how to short circuit this process by focusing national attention on issues which are based on differences of non-negotiable, irrational moral sentiment, and are thus not subject to resolution through rational reconciliation. They've broken democracy.
Not really original, but well and succinctly put. If you want to waste some time, just browse through the thread reading Martin Random's comments. You'll also find additional anecdotes like this: "Wolfowitz in the office, clutching a cellular phone with white knuckles, slamming his set of personal pictures face down on his shelf one by one, each time screaming, "CUNT! CUNT CUNT CUNT CUNT!""

This one was great too: Someone asked, "Do you have any insight on the enraged walrus that's been unleashed upon the UN, John Bolton?" and Martin Random replied, "Before he eats something, he fixates his eyes on it intently as if he is willing it to die."

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