April 30, 2006

One relatively amusing factoid

about the Immigrant Solidarity Day:

It's being held on International Workers' Day.

Does anyone know if this was intentional?

Hat tip: Hit & Run


  1. The Village Voice talks about the parallels between Int'l Workers' Day and the May 1 Boycott. Nothing definitive about whether or not it was intentional though.

  2. Anonymous8:40 AM

    Duyyyhhhhhhhhh, duyyyhhhhhhhhh, I dunnnnno???? What's May Day anyway, lol???

    Good work as usual, Seal.

  3. Given the long history of American opposition to anything that smacks of socialism, most Americans do not know the significance of May Day. I don't think it was too strange to point that out, especially when I was merely echoing one of the most widely respected libertarian blogs in the nation.

    Thank you for your comments, though. I will take them to heart.