December 14, 2009

The '14s Are Coming


So, it's that time of year again... and no, I'm not just talking about the holidays. Surprise, surprise- it's early decision time! Remember, '13s, last December, when some of us (though not yours truly) were waiting anxiously to hear whether we'd gotten in to Dartmouth? Well, as short a time it seems has passed since that monumental day, it's been a whole year...

And the '14s are on the way. Four hundred and sixty-one of them, in fact. Incredibly enough, there are more '14 early decision kids than '13 ED-ers, due to a decision by Dean of Admissions Maria Laskaris '84 and President Jim Yong Kim to enlarge the freshman class despite the college's recent financial difficulties. Seems as though there will be even more freshmen this September than there are now! (Imagine that, '11s- you'll have even more fresh faces and names to learn before you graduate.)

As usual, the newest class' admission stats are off the charts, and Dean Laskaris has nothing but good things to say about the incoming freshmen. I'm sure when they arrive here for their weekend stays and programs (get excited for Dimensions, everyone!) the whole campus will come together to celebrate their awesomeness. I remember not so long ago when the campus did that for my class. Ah, my fellow '13s, we're old...

Just kidding. But it is striking to realize that soon a new class of freshmen will come to work hard and play hard in the hallowed halls of old Dartmouth. All I can say is, welcome, '14s, to the Dartmouth family- I'm sure you'll do Dartmouth proud!

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