December 3, 2009

Review: Twilight

For those who thought that Twilight couldn't any worse after seeing the first movie.... it has.

In high school my friends were in to Twilight, and in an effort to 'fit in', I read the first book in the series. The language was terrible, but in all honesty, the story itself had some potential. I stopped after the first book, however.

When the first Twilight movie came out in 2008, I went my closest friends to see it. As they all concentrated stared at the screen, I found myself unable to contain my laughter-- especially during the Biology class scene.

This Thanksgiving break I went for round two of Twilight viewing..... and it was awful. At least in the first movie there was comedic relief. In the second there was nothing.

Even my mother (I went with my family for this one), after two hours of sleep (she was awake for maybe five minutes of the movie?), said this was the worst movie she had ever 'seen'.......

Although you probably weren't ever seriously considering the movie, take my advice. Avoid New Moon.

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  1. My favorite review quotes from Rotten Tomatoes: "'New Moon' is a terrible, terrible movie that is essentially "Transformers 2" for the training bra set with pseudo-soulful glances from bare-chested boys substituting for giant robots blowing things up."

    "If this is the world’s next generation of womanhood, that's a century of female emancipation down the drain. Bella's more likely to polish her chastity belt than burn her bra."

    "'New Moon' is basically a 130-minute chick flick during which the three main protagonists spend a lot of time looking with cow eyes at each other's faces."

    "Bella Swan is loathsome and not aware how insipid, self involved, narcissistic and whiny she is. "

    "Vampire movies should suck but not like this. Some will want to drive a wooden stake through my heart. It's a waste of time. Ask anyone who knows me. I don't have a heart."

    "Watching New Moon is like being trapped in a room for two hours with a moody teenage girl who won't stop whining about how her boyfriend dumped her."