December 9, 2009

Bored @ Baker, out of commission!?

It seems that Bored @ Baker, the frat-tastic anonymous online message board catering mostly to Dartmouth's lowest common denominator, is temporarily out of commission! The usual messages speculating which '11 is a total homo, which frat is A-side, which sorority has the most sluts, what baton-death-march-esque hiring process Linda Gridley has for interns, and where in the Upper Valley people an find the most competitively-priced piping-hot calzones (hit: Cuttings North-side Cafe), are all gone! Jon Pappas, the creator of the immensely popular site took it away from us because he discovered that -- wait for it -- it was full of racism hate speech! (gasp!)

Well no fucking shit, Sherlock, why the hell do you think people read Bored@Baker? What does every anonymous person post on the internet? It certainly isn't cooking tips or bible quotes. The anonymous nature of the site begs us to gossip about each other, and homophobia (and homoerotism, as it turns out) are a quick step away. It seems like every time Mr. Pappas came by Bored@Baker, presumably riding Bambi and with an entourage of rainbows and magical butterflies, the Bored@ crew (cough - Phi Delt) were all on their best Sunday School behavior. Seriously Jon, how could you fucking miss it? Haven't you even read the news stories you posted about B@B?

Below is what Bored@Baker currently looks like. Click the pic to enlarge. The message is also block quoted below. For god's sake, Jon, use some capital letters.

dear friends,

i have temporarily suspended boredatbutler and other similar boredat sites. recently, our community has been under attack by a very small group of people. these people troll the site with the purpose of killing the community with slanderous and racist comments.

i do not condone hate speech or racist comments and i will not allow boredat to exist if:
1. it does not accurately represent the general opinion of its community.
2. it does not have the ability to self-moderate.

service has been temporarily suspended until we can devleop the right codes for it to take care of itself. but i need your help.

if you would like to build boredat with me, please send me an email at jonpappas{at} if you are interested, i'd be happy to discuss with you the purpose and the vision of boredat. boredat is built with php/mysql/javascript/xhtml and css. if you know these technologies and would like to code and collaborate with me, in whole or in part, let me know. coding remotely and on your own time is ideal. i am looking for one volunteer per ivy league school to be a part of this project. this will be the founding team. contact me quickly because some slots have already been filled and they will go quickly.

kind regards,

dated 12/8/09

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