December 30, 2009

Up in the Air

George Clooney has done it again.

As Ryan Bingham in the newly released 'Up in the Air', Clooney portrays the life of a man who makes a living firing others. This movie does not mean to please. Along the way, the audience is swept into his world-- and is made to feel the pain that many Americans have recently felt, the pain of job loss. After years of dedicated service, employees are given less than an hour to pack up there belongings; and for many, the hope for a better and brighter future seems unlikely.

Bingham, afraid of commitment, cherishes his traveling time-- and hopes to reach ten million miles of travel. He rarely engages with family, and runs away from relationships, until one relationship is thrown at him-- the mentor/mentee relationship which is forged by the arrival of Natalie Keener (played by Anna Kendrick, the annoying 'best friend' of Bella Swan in Twilight). Forced to show her the ropes of his business, Bingham begins to realize what he has been missing, but has he figured it out too late?

Highly enjoyable, with a twist.

Go to the theatre.
Rent it.
Skip it.

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