December 6, 2009

Finals... Not the End of the World

Ah, final exams. Everyone loves them and everyone can't get enough of them and they're just great, aren't they? The professors are whistling through the halls at the thought of not having to grade any more papers, the students are out of their minds at the thought of having to take that one last monster of a test, and the DDS workers are rolling their eyes at the thought of seeing so many negative dining accounts and 1 am crazy study breaks. There's just one obstacle to everyone's happiness, and it's that last test lurking on Tuesday or Wednesday that's keeping us from enjoying our vacations.

So what do we do? Study, of course, like good little children. We work hard- the "play hard" part of the motto seems to be temporarily lost today, but then again we did have a great time celebrating the first snowfall on the Green last night. We drink those energy drinks that really are very bad for us, and order food that is even worse, and hope that the long-term effects of the phenylalanine and grease won't be too severe.

All we can do, really, is study and study and study, hopefully taking small breaks occasionally for water, food, sleep, and other essentials of life. It seems almost as though studying has become one of those essentials. Those of us who have finished our exams are over the moon and those of us who still have others are decidedly under it, and under the weather.

But soon- soon it will be over, and the grades will come out, and the reviews will all be posted on the Student Assembly website. And soon enough break will be over, too, and the holidays, and winter term will begin. I for one know that I'm looking forward both to break and to the start of winter term. It'll be nice to have some time off from work and it'll be absolutely wonderful to return to Hanover and see more freshly fallen snow... perhaps we'll have another snowball fight.

For now, my advice is this: sleep, eat, hydrate, and allow yourself to relax a little bit. It's almost vacation time, we just had our first snow, and soon you'll be able to destress. Remember, the holidays are almost here! And finals are almost over.

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