December 2, 2009

Afghanistan: A Vietnam?!

To those who claim that Afghanistan is President Obama's next Vietnam, consider this:

Vietnam was a war that the United States entered into without justified reasoning. The United States, fearing the spread of communism around the globe, entered Vietnam with the hopes that they could subdue the communist movement. We entered Afghanistan 8 years ago because of 9/11. This time there was a clear and definite reason for our entry.

Perhaps the truth is that Iraq was President Bush's Vietnam. Where was the justification? Why was 2003 the opportune moment to enter Iraq? If anyone understands, please explain.

And why focus on the comparison at all? I found that the most interesting part of President Obama's speech was that we have been in Afghanistan for 8 years. In March of 2010, the Afghanistan war will have become the longest in American history. Rather than comparing, let's talk about what can be done. Let's reassess our goals-- can we still catch Osama Bin Laden? Is that our current goal?

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