December 3, 2009

Chapter 1 in the Anarchist's Cookbook for Blitz?

This rather interesting and potentially dangerous annoying message was just emailed out to campus via BlitzMail. The sender was listed as the "MAILER-DAEMON", the address that usually sends Blitz notification messages, most commonly vacation messages advertising parties or acapella performances. A number of suspicious messages have been sent out to campus over the last few months from suspicious accounts. The example that stands out most in my mind occurred in the winter, sent out by "The Sphynx" to announce free tours to all those who showed up at their back door (this writer did not fall for the bait, but knows several who did).

It's no secret that the Blitzmail program is rather antiquated and simple for the precocious hacker to crack. I've heard of several people being able to send out messages from whichever name they wish. This person must be one of them.
--- Forwarded Message from MAILER-DAEMON ---

>Date: Thu, 03 Dec 2009 23:27:19 -0500
>Subject: Blitzbomb: An Informative Lesson
>To: undisclosed-recipients:;

Hello Dartmouth-

I am bored and tired of sending out pointless blitzes telling you
performances and events of all your friends. So I figured it was time to
teach you all a very valuable tool associated with blitz: the BLITZBOMB.

Blitzbombing is very simple and is a beautiful way to wreak havoc on
people's inboxes. To blitzbomb, you simply:
1) Create a blitz to someone
2) Bcc them 100 times
3) Send the blitz
And they instantly get 100 blitzes clogging up their inbox.

Now go, my minions. Blitzbomb the hell out of your friends and fill up
all of their inboxes with blitzbombs, giving me a break for once.
Unleash hell, and bring the Daemon inside of you out.

Happy studying for finals,


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