August 6, 2009

Deep Thought

What kind of shouting matches would have happened if the FreedomWorks/"birthers" wackjobs were at the Laura Ling/Euna Lee homecoming press conference? Would they have demanded to see evidence that they actually were captive in North Korea or complained about the "wasteful spending" it cost to get them home?

Also, John Bolton is criticizing the rescue because we're rewarding bad behavior. It remains to be seen how using public diplomacy to rescue imprisoned Americans rewards North Korea. America brought its daughters home, and it only took us a few hours of time. I think we came out on top. This might even lead to a new era of engagement with North Korea, opening their people to American culture and the regime to criticism. But no, John's right; we should have sheepishly just let our citizens rot in North Korean jails. What a tremendous display of power that'd be!

Let's just say that if John Bolton got captured, I think he'd have a different opinion.

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