August 15, 2009

Here Come the 'Shmen

Lately, I've been conducting a scientific study on a specific group of ape descendants. I've examined over five hundred specimens. The study's results were rather contaminated by the fact that I happen to be one of the specimens myself...

Forget the science bit- I'm a horrible anthropologist. My "study" is nothing more than a seemingly crazy desire to friend request and then chat with or message every single member of the Dartmouth Class of 2013 on Facebook (and of course in person in September). So far I'm about halfway through. But though my "study" is completely amateur and incompetent (and totally something I made up in the last half minute to explain that crazy desire I mentioned a few seconds ago), as it has run its course I have started to see just how amazing the "specimens" are.

I've "met," in this strange Internet reality, skiers and baseball players and chess champions and recruits for pretty much every sport on earth; I've chatted with people who speak five languages and have lived in ten different countries; I've messaged people who already have their own documentaries or acting careers or medals from ten thousand different dance competitions.

With these future professional musicians and athletes and doctors and lawyers and politicians and philosophers and Olympic medalists and Nobel prize winners, I've discussed everything from politics to dating to our respective life histories to those DOC trips to which we're all looking forward with such enthusiasm.

...I have a feeling most of them think of me as "that crazy girl from Facebook."

Truly, though, I honestly believe that the Dartmouth Class of 2013 is the most intelligent, magnificent, talented, and thoughtful group of people I've met in my many long and arduous years (eighteen to be precise). And I know I am very, very lucky to be counted as a '13.

Long story short, this year's "Worst Class Ever" is pretty awesome.


  1. Wow!!
    Maybe I should meet more people from the class of '13 too!

  2. Lol awesome. You sound like an old lady at the end. I'm surprised you didn't mention yourself, after all you are as much a part of '13 just as everyone else is. Thanks for the blog I found it to be interesting and entertaining.

  3. Extremely awesome - and yet still not as awesome as the '08s, '09s, '10s, or '11s. You'll probably have the '06s licked in no time. Not yet, though.

    Seriously, though, remember this: Most students go home at night to pong or video games or a few episodes of TV on DVD, and think about all their awesome friend studying abroad and starting non-profits. They think, gee, everyone around me is so smart and amazing - and they fail to realize that that's the way their friends look at them, too. Very few folks realize how amazing they are - remember this when you talk to them, and remember it when you think about yourself, too.

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