August 7, 2009

What Bill O'Reilly Can Teach America's Cynics...?

If someone had told me yesterday that Bill O'Reilly, conservative icon and Fox News host of "The O'Reilly Factor," had written a piece examining the value of the lessons Democratic President Obama can teach and has taught American children, I may have laughed rather derisively. But it seems my derision would have been misplaced.

A newly published article penned by O'Reilly admires the President and his ability to overcome adversity and become a leader to whom the children of the United States of America can turn for guidance. Read the article at this link:

I am impressed by O'Reilly's nonpartisan words and his seeming willingness to appreciate our great president's many talents. He writes of President Obama's forgiveness, respect, persistence, and hard work, and holds him up as a shining example of the old adage that "Anything is possible in America." And O'Reilly seems to be sincere.

The cynic in me thinks perhaps this is some kind of much-needed political gamble engineered by the Republican Party to regain some standing in the eyes of the American public; but the human in me believes that perhaps this is the reaction of a man who was truly touched by President Obama's words to his daughters. The letter the president wrote to his children can be read at the link below:

Although both O'Reilly's article and President Obama's letter will both probably have beneficial effects on the men's political careers and thus could have been politically motivated, I like to think that regardless of politics both are truly meant examples of a positive honesty of which we could use quite a bit more.

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