August 31, 2009

Tedy Bruschi Retires from NE Patriots

Tedy Bruschi, the linebacker for the New England Patriots (and my cousin, pictured at right with my brother), announced his retirement this morning. At 36 years old, he is a 13-year veteran of the Patriots and has a long list of impressive achievements, not the least of which are his three Superbowl rings. I'll leave the rest of his resume for others to discuss, but I will say that I love him and will eagerly await what amazing things he'll do next. In the meantime, I know he'll want to spend some quality time with his three adorable boys, Dante, T.J., and Rex (pictured below), and his very lovely wife Heidi.

WGR 550 Sports Radio in Buffalo, New York, home of the arch-rival Bills, put up this hilarious tribute to Tedy as only a worthy adversary can.

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  1. Also, the person who took the picture of him on his Wikipedia page? Ted Kennedy.