August 28, 2009

Hanover one of the best college towns in America

The blog, Hotels and Travel Reservations ranked Hanover on its list of best college towns in America. Hanover, you may recall, is also one of CNNMoney's 2009 best places to live, the 2007 "best [town] of the east" (#2 overall), and the #8 best place to retire young.
Another diminutive Ivy League jewel makes the cut in the form of Hanover, New Hampshire. The venerable home of Dartmouth, a world class institution by any measure, is a quiet, peaceful community in the scenic Connecticut River watershed.
Also on the list: Lawrence, Kansas; Athens, Georgia; Amherst, Massachusetts; Berkeley, California; Boulder, Colorado; Princeton, New Jersey; Madison, Wisconsin; Oxford, Mississippi; Austin, Texas; Eugene, Oregon; and Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

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