August 10, 2009

Preposterous Woman

After saying that President Obama's "death panel" (which doesn't exist) would kill her Down Syndrome Baby and euthanize old people, Sarah Palin is now calling for civility in discussing the "evil" "outrageous" health care bill. Can someone put this rabid moose out of her misery?

Bottom line, Sarah Palin had no idea how to contribute constructively to a national debate. She's like the little girl squirming out of her desk -- arm raised as high as it will go -- shouting out after every time someone says something. Sarah, the reason why the teacher won't call on you is because everything you say is so stupid its disruptive.

Oh and nice attempt to play the "big girl" adult by asking to keep things civil. People will definitely see you as an above-the-fray "unite-r" now!

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