August 15, 2009

The Firing of Connor Shepherd '07

The Little Green Blog would like to publicly apologize for the contributions Connor Shepherd '07 previously made on this blog. Mr. Shepherd was a frequent contributor under the editorship of Andrew Seal '07 and mostly used his privileges to slander his fellow students. In one case, he called the only female Student Body Presidential candidate a "filthy slutfag" and "slore" (a word of his invention combining "slut" and "whore"). He, like other Dartmouth Free Press writers who blogged here, was quick to use insults, swearwords, and base attacks when making his points, the only differences being that the other DFP writers were more articulate, used their vulgarity to make larger points, and (mostly) did not direct their abuse at fellow students.

Even as he did all this, Connor Shepherd didn't have the personal honor to use his full real name. Connor slandered well-meaning campus leaders and regular students who were bold enough to throw off the cloak of anonymity, from the safety of his. Fearful of nasty posts appearing on a google search of his name, as he caused for others, he would quickly modify comments mentioning his name to say "Sheph3rd", instead of "Shepherd". Personally insecure, he would remove any content that hit too close to home, even as he made baseless attacks against others. When nasty comments about him appeared on the Student Assemblog, he even complained to the admin (LBG's current editor) that the comments should be removed immediately because future employers might see it. Being a hypocrite is the one unpardonable sin, and Connor Shepherd was one, down to the bone.

Upon the relaunch of LBG, the writers agreed that Connor Shepherd's contributing privileges had to be revoked as he only use them for personal attacks and never for the productive exchange of ideas. LGB has even honored multiple requests for the removal of libelous posts Connor made. Our editor preferred that we allow him to fade into a well deserved obscurity, but due to the extremely racist, sexist, and homophobic nature of Connor Shepherd's attacks, we feel the need to formally apologize. We apologize not only to those Connor Shepherd specifically targeted but to all of our loyal readers who put up with him. Connor Shepherd did not live up to the standards the Little Green Blog should set for itself nor did he display the basic decency of a Dartmouth student. Even Seal knew that when he would remove the more extreme posts Connor made. The LGB sunk to a low during his tenure and we can only promise to do better in the months ahead.

Thank you, Dartmouth, for your understanding and your continued loyalty.

-The New Little Green Blog


  1. Anonymous12:55 PM

    Good riddance, yech!

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  3. Hey, we were both 07s. I knew your fact-checking standards were going to be low, but how about your memories?

  4. Woops! How embarrassing. I guess you got me there, Andy. Now none of my points are valid. Connor Shitbag is a saint.