January 2, 2006

An Apology is in order

I'd just like to apologize for Joe Malchow's light blogging. I'd also like to apologize for his fondness for self-referential posts (3 in a row now!). I'd also like to apologize for the existence of this:

If someone created a Little Green Blog bear (and further had the hackneyed aesthetic sensibilities of a street artist in putting the damned thing in front of a sunset), I'd rethink my stance on gun control (aiming for the bear, of course, not the person who created it!).

Edit: Joe upped the count to 4 in a row with a mammoth retrospective post, then did something totally surprising and posted a really, really ridiculously long entry on technology.


  1. Anonymous5:40 PM

    He was probably exhausted after typing this one


    (noticed at Fartlog)

  2. Anonymous5:44 PM

    You're just upset that your "Little Green Blog" bear didn't arrive in the mail in time for Christmas

  3. yeah, i need a new pincushion.