January 30, 2006

Intelligent thought is a virtue

Intelligent thought is a virtue. Unfortunately, it is a virtue I have come to see far less of recently. Conservatives accuse liberals of a lack of intelligent thought when it comes to the religious right, the South and most conservatives on the whole. Liberals accuse conservatives of this same lack of intelligent thought towards blacks, homosexuals and liberals. I am not trying to single out particular groups or issues. On the whole, there is a problem. That problem is a lack of intelligent thought.

sigh. 823 words. Of that kind of insight. I pity Dartmouth professors if this is the kind of thing that makes it onto our opinion pages.

Edit: O, and give Joe two Malchow awards today for this and most of all, this. To be honest, I haven't read either closely. But one is something about Vaseline and haircuts and the other is about homophobia.

I did catch this: "forged was a nonsensical Latin Frankenstein, used to accuse opponents of hating all things and persons gay. Homophobia." Homo- and -phobia come from Greek. oops.


  1. I imagine that Joe's haircut, expensive though it may have been, did not look good then, and does not now.

    The reasoning behind this: Malchow is unattractive.

  2. what a douche

    apparently some of his readers e-mail him, though. He has this:

    CORRECTION/AMPLIFICATION: After some debate, a reader and I have resolved that homophobia is not a Latin Frankenstein, but a Latin/Greek Frankenstein, which of course makes it ever more the Frankenstein. While ‘phobia’ is Latin (after the Greek ‘phobos’), the ‘homo’ in question is the Greek ‘homo’ meaning same, not the Latin meaning man. I had forgot the dual meanings of the word. My apologies.