January 29, 2006

Marty Meathead

In what will surely be another blow to Wikipedia's credibility (sadly), Democratic Congressman Marty Meehan asked his staff to substantially edit and "improve" his Wikipedia entry. Removed were mentions of his enormous campaign war chest (nearly $5M) and his broken promise of holding himself to a 4-term limit.

Much funnier, however, is this:
Recently, a user wrote in a Wikipedia bio that Virginia Congressman Eric Cantor "smells of cow dung." Another wrote that Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist is "ineffective." These statements were traced to the House Internet-protocol (IP) address.
Tom DeLay, that kind of petulance is really inappropriate. It should stop. Really.


  1. Perhaps to Wikipedia's credit, the entry has been updated and now contains a notation that Meehan had had people edit the entry in the past.

  2. Yeah, it should certainly be said that Wikipedia works fast to correct any damage, and the fact that you can always go back and look at previous versions of any article is a definite point of strength.