January 29, 2006

Love for One's Country

Italy's Berlusconi pledges not to have sex until the election
At a party rally in Sardinia on Saturday, the media tycoon received the blessing of television preacher Massimiliano Pusceddu, who thanked him for opposing gay marriage and defending family values.

"Thank you dear Father Massimiliano, I'll try not to let you down and I promise you two and a half months of complete sexual abstinence until April 9," Berlusconi replied
Are Viagra supplies running low for the $12 Billion Man?

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous1:44 PM

    Berlusconi is fat and, month-long sabbatical from office for facelift recovery notwithstanding, and old bag of saggy skin. For a man like that to go two months without getting his dick wet is like Malchow promising to overinflate his prose for the next week or two.
    Now, Rivers Cuomo, on the other hand, is over 2 years into his own abstinence pledge, made not for a priest, but for his own inner strength (or whatever the fuck comes out of his crazy head). Thats a man who you'd expect to have a few opportunities to get laid here and there, but....