January 24, 2006

Democrats in America

About two weeks ago, I was criticized in a comment for rashly attacking some of the senior Democratic senators about their questioning of Alito.
I think that this post exemplifies just why we as democrats have been so unable to prevent this country's slide into theocracy. Just why exactly do you feel it necessary to so vitriolically insult some of the most powerful and liberal Democratic Senators? Republicans know not to go after their own well-connected ideologues because they get shit done. Party loyalty is necessary if we are to regain control. Say what you will about Ted Kennedy, but at least he knows what side he's on.
I wanted to respond then, but felt I needed to mull this whole thing over a bit. Now might not be a good time to respond either, with the impending Alito vote, but I think we should take the weeks immediately after that vote to really take stock of the party and, in my opinion, make some enormous changes. Anyway, here's what I've got to say.

Just when will it be ok to say that the liberals from the generation of the 1960s have no idea what they're doing and never did?

When can it be said that Democrats are the minority party because we never tried to be the majority, post-New Deal? We did everything to win short of convince 50.1% of America that our ideals are worth voting for. And now we wonder why they don't.

When can it be said that some of the ways we fought for the liberties we now strive to protect created the very attacks we now attempt to repel?

When can it be said that a NASCAR dad can be trusted as much as a college professor to know what's good for himself?

When can it be said that if we do not have faith in the American people, we cannot expect or demand their faith in us?

When can it be said with conviction that America will overcome the challenges and threats—domestic and foreign—that it faces, as it always has? That Americans as citizens have an unshakeable bedrock of civic commitment and democratic ideals that we, as Democrats, can and must rely on rather than try to circumvent?

Can we risk saying these things now, with the conservatives in power and pressing in on every side? Yeah, I think we can, I think we must, and I think we should.
Republicans will be bogged down fighting off scandals for the next few months. We must get our house in order now. And the first tenants to kick out should be the very ones that are holding us back. They're bringing down our property value, regardless of which side they know they're on.


  1. "Republicans will be bogged down fighting off scandals for the next few months."

    That's ridiculous. The house-cleaning you describe takes at least a decade to accomplish, as I'm sure you will find out. Eventually.

  2. Robert3:40 PM

    Stumbled upon this site inadvertently. How entertaining to young leftists, fresh from bouts of acne and barely free of braces, attempt to discuss things of which they only know through their little social networks and brain-damaged professors. Fifteen years from now you will come back and read what you wrote, and will be astonished at how naive and uninformed you are at this point in your life. Godspeed.