January 27, 2006

"No, Timmy, most people end up in hell."

I heard about this website today. It is a large collection of comics with a Christian message—that message being some variation on, "Read these comics or you'll burn in hell."

This one's a doozy, all about mean teachers of evolution, righteous little girls in pigtails, and black children named Timmy who are ignorant of Christ's message (see above). These things could get addictive; I'm having so much fun laughing. (In disgust)


  1. Anonymous12:40 PM

    Why do you think Timmy's black?

  2. Anonymous, I'm gonna guess this artist isn't trying for subtlety, so a shaded kid (when all the other kids aren't shaded) is probably supposed to be black.

    I only remarked on it because I find it noxious that, in addition to the patronizing tone of the entire comic, we've also got a little "white man's burden"—or rather white little girl's burden—going on.

  3. Anonymous10:50 AM

    Maybe it's the settings on my work computer, but when I first looked at the panel you posted, I didn't see much shading.

    Then I followed the link and looked at the rest of the comic strip.