January 16, 2006

Hey Look I Was Right

It's one thing just to bullshit around on your blog and stuff. It's another thing when you're bullshitting around on your blog and five weeks or so after you say some shit the smartest man in the world says that same shit.

"There's basically two principles that define the Bush administration policies: stuff the pockets of your rich friends with dollars, and increase your control over the world. Almost everything follows from that. If you happen to blow up the world, well, you know, it's somebody else's business. Stuff happens, as Rumsfeld said." -Noam Chomsky, the Smartest Fucking Man in the Whole World.

Can anyone throw up somebody smarter than Chomsky? Muhphukka HELL no.

1 comment:

  1. Anonymous1:35 PM

    Chomsky is a smart guy, but like most smart guys, he has a distinct field of expertise (linguistics & neuroscience-y things, loosely). Asking what Chomsky thinks about politics is like asking Stephen Hawking what he thinks of video games. It might be interesting, but it's not really a trump.