January 3, 2006

The Review investigates Hipsterism

My good friend Brendon Bouzard received a blitz awhile back from the Review asking him to expound on his ideas about hipsters—what constitutes a hipster, whether Brendon is himself a hipster, etc.

Brendon posts the original blitz and his follow-up here.

I'm eagerly awaiting this article. Actually, I'd be even more excited about the Beacon doing an article on hipsters, in which one could probably find gems of insight like, "Listening to Interpol leads to questionable sexual ethics," or "Wearing thrift store clothing is just one more sign of America's moral decadence and social degradation."

Hey, to end this, I'll just tell a WASP joke.
How does a WASP propose marriage?
"How would you like to be buried with my people?"

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