January 18, 2006

How the Baby Boom Generation Ruined America

Well, I suppose that's one possible reading of this article in Newsweek.

Using Clinton and Bush as exemplars of the Boomer Left and the Boomer Right (a designation problematic in itself), the article seeks to briefly illuminate how the worldview formed from Mouseketeer Clubs and Vietnam protests has shaped the political landscape today.

I guess such generational profiling is interesting, but is it useful in changing anything? Isn't this type of article just one more example of the self-fascination and narcissism that is so often attributed to the Boomers? Few generations in history have been as interested in chronicling their own plights, in fashioning a self-image distinct from their parents.

But where does that leave our generation? Aren't we also caught in their narcissism in such a way that attempting to correct or at least free ourselves from their "heritage" is essentially reprising their self-centeredness?

I suppose a Hegelian would look at this as the typical thesis ("Greatest Generation"), antithesis (Baby Boomers), and synthesis (us). But who wants to be a synthesis of Sinatra and Dylan?


  1. That's one way of looking at it I guess. I more think that we should not classify all of the people born in a certain period of time under one category. "Baby boomers" are just as diverse as any other generations, how can we blame or credit them with anything?

  2. Anonymous12:02 PM

    That's deep, Howard.

    The Newsweek article also drops a lot of the blame on Yale, which is a little weird.

  3. Sinatra+Dylan=alcoholic, good-looking, womanizing, wandering hippie. I'm in.

  4. Anonymous8:42 PM

    How true that America is a mess thanks to the baby booming politicians and their political correctness.

    These booming idiots are soft of crime as not to hurt anyone's feelings.

    The mass theft going around and no morals, due to the baby boomers not knowing how to teach their children etiquette and the golden rule.

    Glad I am no younger.

  5. Anonymous9:22 PM

    I’ve worked and slaved for the baby boomers so that they can look down their collective noses at the people that actually did the bulk of the work so they could get their much deserved wealth. As 37 year old professional with an engineering degree I’ve had to look work for the past 3 years and will probably have to take a minimum wage job at 38, the prime of my career. Watching those gray hairs sit on their hands during the congressional addresses and do nothing for the people they are supposed to represent is disgusting.

    Can’t blame it on an entire generation? Who are you kidding? Have you checked the mail lately? It costs a minimum of $110/month to use the phone, to look for minimum wage jobs on the internet and to watch reruns of low budget reality shows. All thanks to whom exactly? I pay $90/month in car insurance and have never had an accident. The baby boomers have manipulated the free market society into their own little fishbowl to drown the rest of us. Don’t even get me started on the mortgage scams.

    My wife and I have done nothing but work hard, stick to our ethics and try to survive. We’re approaching our late 30’s and are still afraid to have children for fear of the baby boomer’s manipulating the economy even further. We would much rather live another country at this point but no one wants Americans anywhere close to their homes.

    Try to get ahead, seriously. The last three small business loan officers have been baby boomers, two of which said they were having trouble a loan so they don’t see me getting one. That is until they do, from their good old boy network. These people disgust me to no end and I’m glad to hear other people see it the same way. This division of wealth is going to make near impossible for our generation to live a normal life but I’m not giving in, I still believe in hard work at least for myself. To hell with the baby boomers……