February 16, 2006

Check, Please

George Will lays the smackdown on the administration's arguments for massively increased executive wartime powers.

Well, except for this:
53 months later, Congress should make all necessary actions lawful by authorizing the president to take those actions, with suitable supervision. It should do so with language that does not stigmatize what he has been doing, but that implicitly refutes the doctrine that the authorization is superfluous.
I don't understand why we should not stigmatize the President's efforts to ignore the Constitution. I'm not asking for an impeachment hearing (from a Republican Congress? get real), but a stern rebuke is needed, I feel, to set an undeniable precedent. And why implicitly refute the doctrine that authorization is superfluous? Why not explicitly?

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  1. the perpetually gaping anus of her blog. wow.
    you should be proud of that one. I'm just happy to have my name associated with this blog right now.

    As someone who ocassionally self-identifies as asian-american, I hate Michelle Malkin like no fucking other.