February 7, 2006

I Kind of Agree with This

Some Iranian newspaper is having a Holocaust cartoon contest. When you think about it it's at least symmetrical retaliation. Does free speech give you the right to be an enormous asshole? Sure.

Article from the Washington Post.

Unrelatedly, Raekwon and the RZA are gonna do an album again. This should be exciting for you in a physical sense.


  1. Anonymous7:03 PM

    Full Wu-Tang complement (minus the departed) playing in Worcester tomorrow night. It's only a 2.25 hr drive.


  2. thanks homes but i'm not on campus. in in san francisco right now and i'm probably gonna see em when they come through. is cappadonna with them on that stop or no?

  3. Anonymous8:13 PM

    yes -- here's the bill:

    Wu Tang Clan featuring
    RZA • Raekwon • Method Man
    Masta Killa • Inspeckta Deck • U-God GZA • Ghostface with Cappadonna
    Street Life • Mathematics

    i am sad to have to miss it.
    eat a decent burrito while you're out there.


  4. Anonymous10:49 AM

    Yeah, but why is the target of their anger always the Jews, when it's clearly a bunch of right-wing evangelical Christians on a crusade who are hellbent on destroying the Muslim world?