February 6, 2006

Full-court press

The Dartmouth today runs a correction on their article about HPo using thefacebook.com to identify students under investigation for various activities, such as rushing the field for Homecoming.

This correction, however, replaces the old article entirely. There is no copy online that I can find of the original article. That is troubling because I can remember a quote in the original article that would entirely contradict this correction.

This quote was something to the effect that a police officer (Giaccone, I'm pretty sure) stated that HPo had purchased some email accounts from the college in order to browse the website. That can't possibly be true if HPo wasn't aware of the website's existence.

Now, either HPo demanded that the D change the story to protect their super-secret criminal investigation methods (which thousands of Dartmouth students use every day for less wholesome, but more benign purposes), or the writer, A.J. Fox, made his quotes up. Or my memory is faulty and I'm wrong.

If anyone has a paper copy of the D from Friday or can find one in Rauner or wherever, would you please check to see if this quote or anything else contradictory appears in the original article?

Edit: I got the scoop from someone on the paper. It appears the officer meant copies of the Green Book when he said "accounts." So, it certainly wasn't a made-up quote, just a botched interview. Still, I wish the D wasn't in the habit of replacing articles online with their "corrected" copy.

More: Make sure you check out the excellent posts on Agenda Gap and Dartblog. Michael Herman of AG in particular has some really good things to say.


  1. Here's the front page from Friday. The article gets cut off quickly, but it looks like the direct quote is the same. My guess is that Fox just completely messed up understanding what the officer meant when he said "facebook."


  2. A new high in quality reporting for The D.