February 3, 2006

More on the Danish Cartoons

Malchow usefully pointed out the brewing Wikipedia controversy (note: this link does not display the images themselves) over whether the actual images of these cartoons should be contained in the Wikipedia article. A poll is currently being taken to determine the images' fate.

But it's a lot more complicated than voting up or down, in or out. Where to place them is an issue, as is whether to place a spoiler warning or something similar.

I am personally conflicted about this all. I can see points for both sides: The images certainly need to be readily accessible to understand the controversy. However, there is no reason to be purposely provocative by having the images up top so that when the page loads, devout Muslims will be forced to look at them if they want to understand this issue. On the other hand, well, actually, maybe I'm not that conflicted. If you're browsing Wikipedia, you're probably already in love with your scroll wheel. I think a bit of scrolling is worth keeping content accessible to the group that, in the main, this concerns.

And now, I'm going to vote and tell Wikipedia that.
(At the time I voted, I was the 92nd vote for keep compared to 9 votes for deletion.)


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