February 15, 2006

Venial Sins

I really appreciated Michael Kreicher's sentiments in today's Dartmouth. He puts forward two "mortal sins" perpetrated by professors—explaining trivial matters at length and trivializing lengthy matters that need to be explained. To even matters, though, I want to add a few student sins.
  • Bringing in like 5 different little plastic containers of food to class, especially 2As, and taking all class to get through your cottage cheese or yogurt.
  • Bringing more shit to class than most people take on the Appalachian Trail. I shouldn't have to trip over like 8 fucking huge Kate Spade bags on my way out of the room. Sometimes I just want to get out of class and would appreciate not having to disentangle my feet from your haute couture.
  • Being totally ignorant of the approximate dates of even the most basic historical events—"The Russian Revolution? That was in the '30's, right?"
  • Taking a class just for the line on the transcript it leaves. Maybe profs wouldn't be saying, "but you're probably not interested in that" to their classes if it weren't, in fact, often true.
  • Perpetual, unrepentant tardiness. For fuck's sake, Dartmouth's not that big.

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  1. Haha, like that's totally too many plastic containers.