February 3, 2006

Holy What in the Living Fuck

Alternet: "Was There a Huge US Government-Led Conspiracy Behind 9/11 and Shit?"

Is this really the kind of stuff they should be putting up on alternet? Even if the article itself hedges most of its bets as to making accusations... doesn't this smack a little bit of, um, Vitamin Crazy?

"Since the president himself presents a Republican conspiracy theory to explain 9/11, some critics of the president counter with a conspiracy theory of their own: the possibility that the attacks of 9/11 were encouraged by elements of the U.S. government, or that the government looked the other way, permitting al Qaida to carry out its attack on 'the homeland.'"


Unrelatedly, I'd like to point out that actually there are a lot of names whiter than mine. "Alston B. Ramsay," former review editor extraordinaire, comes readily to mind. Also I'd hesitate to say that "Connor," while being a sort-of Anglicized spelling of an Irish name, is really all that country-club. That is all.

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