December 13, 2005

Does hostility to atheists exist?

Eugene and the Volokhs, as Hit and Run has taken to calling them, have a great string of stats-filled posts detailing the extent to which Americans seriously have a problem with atheism.

For instance, just 26% of the respondents in one Fox News poll said they'd consider voting for "for a political candidate who doesn't believe in God." As Professor Volokh points out, were any other group in that slot, people would be seriously worried about America's commitment to understanding and tolerance. Yet most people would be quick to defend this sentiment, and at most, would barely blink an eye.

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  1. Exactly. That's why we should understand "separation of church and state" to be "separation of all churches (mosques, temples, etc.) and state." Putting up a "holiday tree" and decorating it with dreidels and whatever else doesn't solve the problem of intolerance; it simply reinforces the notion that it's okay to subscribe to different religions, as long as you subscribe. Are you listening, Alito?