December 16, 2005

Just when I thought it couldn't get worse

O'Reilly opens his big mouth again:
[W]e also have a very provocative segment, why aren't the prelates of the Catholic Church in America, the cardinals and the archbishops standing up for Christmas? Why? There's only one who will talk to us, Sheehan out in New Mexico. Archbishop Sheehan. Where are the others? Where are they? If you don't stick up for the baby Jesus, who are you going to stick up for?

Now, they were MIA in the priest/pedophilia scandals. Now, they're MIA in the Christmas controversy. What the heck's going on with them? So we're going to do that, and I'll probably get excommunicated again. How many times can you get excommunicated? No, I haven't been excommunicated, not that I know of.
In Bill O'Reilly's head:

|War on Christmas| = |pedophilia scandal|

For him, Catholic disregard for his remarkably baseless, ill-founded and hypocritical little crusade is not only as newsworthy but also as wrong as refusing to address publicly the faults and mistakes of decades (if not centuries) of child abuse.


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