December 3, 2005

Donald Wildmon Unwittingly Summarizes the Conservative Ethos in a Single Sentence

Asked whether "putting the Christ back in Christmas" would alienate people who aren't actually Christian, but are pretty much co-opted into the holiday by consumer culture:

"'Tough luck,' said Donald Wildmon, chairman of the American Family Association. "This is an overwhelmingly Christian country." (from the ABC article in Seal's post below)

Nice. If only Donald Wildmon had been around Selma in 1955 ("Tough noogies. This country is overwhelmingly white").

I'd like to wish all of you Christians out there a merry Christmas season. To all the rest of you, you are darksided and I'll leave you to your Gorgayles, Phsycticks, Tarot Card readin' and Buddha Flags.

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