December 6, 2005

"Hillary '08: She'll Blow You Away!"

Arianna Huffington posts a leaked copy of a very intriguing memo from the Hillary "campaign." It is nothing less than her extra-special Red State Strategy.

Among her more insightful measures is this (comic) gem:
Defense of the Second Amendment Act: HRC [Hillary Rodham Clinton] introduces bill to make possession of a concealed weapon mandatory when voting or getting driver’s license. Have banner (and Ted Nugent) ready for announcement: “Hillary ’08: She’ll blow You Away”. Question: is it legal for HRC to wear a holster and revolver on the floor of the Senate? If so, which plays better: waist, shoulder, or strapped to calf?
Hillary is getting a lot of liberal backlash about her flag-burning amendment, and if she pulls another few tricks like that, she'll find she doesn't have a chance of getting the Dem nom. She simply can't win a Dem primary if she's courting "NASCAR dads" at the same time. On the bright side, she's doing very well as a magnet for conservative vitriol, sort of like a lead blocker in football.


  1. Definitely strapped to calf... wait, am I talking about Hillary in a sexual manner? [Barf]

  2. Actually, I think strapped to thigh might play best of all. Mmm.