December 10, 2005

Over at Vox in Sox Today

I have two new entries posted over at Vox in Sox. I posted them there because both are a little long and more serious in tone. I realize it's an inconvenience to read one blog only to be directed to another, but that's actually the way all blog posts work any way, so whatever.

The posts are: Bush and Washington have the same first names—let's compare! which is basically an attack on the idea (posted over at PowerLine) that criticism of the Iraq War is as stupid and wrong-headed as the criticism of the Revolutionary War from people who were worried about the fallout of potentially losing to the British.


Conservative Blogs vs. Liberal Blogs. There will apparently be an article in Sundays edition of the NYT that proclaims that conservative blogs are more effective than liberal blogs because they stay on message more single-mindedly—in other words, they exist for information, not for discussion. I agree.


  1. Anonymous1:07 AM

    Excuse me, but could you start a blog to tell me what's going on over at the Little Green Blog? That'd be gully. Thanks.

  2. Get your own blog, asshole, and tell me how to run mine from there.