December 6, 2005

I-Owe-a you nothing, New Hampshire

This weekend, the DNC will be looking to rearrange the whole primary calendar, possibly inserting a few caucuses between Iowa's caucus and New Hampshire's primary.

However, as Huffington Post reports, the DNC may not be able to get its way. IA and NH have, essentially, solidified their position in such a way that it would be fatal to any Presidential candidate to pay less attention to them. (Cf. Wesley Clark last year)

I'm personally in favor of letting NH keep its early primary and not pushing it too far forward, but the lack of diversity in NH is worrisome. However, I'm not sure if NH's results are normally seen as a way of reflecting which candidate has the broadest base, but which candidate runs a good campaign.

Sure, some campaigns will connect better with all the white folks in the Granite State, but its independent identity ("Live Free or Die") means that it rarely will just jump on a bandwagon--you actually have to run hard in NH if you want to win.

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