December 1, 2005

Rumors of our imminent withdrawal were greatly exaggerated

I'm a little behind reporting on it, but here's a great takedown of the new non-plan Bush proposes as the way out of Iraq.

When was the last time a United States strategy proposal was this self-evidently nothing but a public relations ploy?

Bush seems intent on doing little more than constructing a Maginot line of obliviousness and taking potshots at his critics from behind it. I'll bet the response to Murtha's proposal has more man-hours behind it than the drafting of this shitty document.

Bush always likes to broaden the Iraq War into the global war on terror, but what he never recognizes is that the war in Iraq limits our options everywhere else. We have limited forces and limited material to spend; if Iraq has become a central concern to winning the war on terror, it is because we have made it so.

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