December 8, 2005

Oh, you mean that torture...

Condi debuted a new tack in her efforts to smooth over America's bad behavior to the Europeans.

Instead of categorically denying that America indulges in anything that the administration is willing to label "torture," Condi switches to this argument:
"Will there be abuses of policy? That's entirely possible," Rice said at a NATO news conference. "Just because you're a democracy it doesn't mean that you're perfect."

She offered assurances, however, that any abuses would be investigated and violators punished.
O, so we're going to acknowledge that some Americans have tortured prisoners, but we're going to act like it was all their fault and not the result of directives from higher-ups. In other words, the United States does not torture, but its soldiers sometimes just...forget themselves. The state is perfect, but its servants weak.

Good idea. Except, we know that the administration has some strong connections to the abuses, or else Bush wouldn't be threatening to veto the anti-torture bill.

"O, we don't torture, and we'll discipline those who do, but do we have to have a law that says all that?"

Check it—tomorrow, Condi's message will be something along the lines of, "well, we may have used waterboards, but the victims didn't inhale."

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