December 5, 2005

This Is Bullshit

I dunno if you're reading the rap blogs but apparently some war profiteer Military-Industrial guy blew 10 million big ones on a party which was nominally for the purpose of celebrating his daughter's Bat Mitzvah.
I say "nominally" because the headliners were Aerosmith and Tom Petty; Kenny G also made an appearance. No 13-year-old wants to see that shit. Aerosmith is just a fucking ride at Disney World these days.
Also performing was The Rappin' Republican himself, Curtis Jackson. Although according to The New York Daily News he kept it as real as possible under the circumstances:

"Fitty and his posse smelled like an open bottle of Hennessy," a witness told told me, adding that when the departing rapper prepared to enter his limo in the loading dock, a naked woman was spotted inside."

The main problem here isn't that the dude, David H. Brooks, is a man-child but mainly that his company (DHB Industries) made a lot of money selling bulletproof vests to the Army that ended up being really shitty and getting recalled. Who knows how much blood this asshole's got on his hands.

I'm sorry, Aerosmith and Fifty, but there are some instances where you really should turn down a lot of money, even if you really want it. This is one of them.

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