October 12, 2005

Bono, You Traitor

Dear Bono,

I liked you a lot. I liked your band a lot. I liked it a lot when you talked about Third World Debt and gave the Pope your sunglasses. I really liked it when you said "Fuck" at the Golden Globes and got away with.

Then, Noah Riner quotes you in a speech.

Now you go and fund-raise for Rick Santorum.

How could you?

Deeply Hurt,


PS. And what the fuck are you doing at UPenn?

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  1. Anonymous10:05 AM

    Even if you disagree with Riner, that doesn't make Bono a bad guy. Everyone quotes Martin Luther King. If Pat Robertson quoted him, it wouldn't change my impression of MLK. Same with Bono.

    The Santorum thing though... I don't understand it. Many of my more liberal friends see Santorum's seat as one that could get picked off in 2006 (if that's when he's up for reelection -- I'm not entirely certain about that and I'm too lazy to look it up right now). The article to which you link says that Santorum and Bono both get a lot of motivation from their religion, but Santorum strikes me as one of those misguided zealot types, rather than one of those unselfish to the core types, e.g. more on the Jerry Falwell end of the deeply religous people spectrum than the Mother Teresa end.

    This article pretty much sets out why Santorum sucks, and why even deeply religious people should hesitate to vote for him. And it's written by a Christian Republican.

    My only guess is that Bono thinks that he can accomplish more of his goals if the Republicans are willing to work with him (i.e. they're the party in power in the most powerful country in the world), so to ingratiate himself, he finds a candidate with whom he has something in common (religious motivation), and who may need his help (PA is a swing state, PA already has a more powerful senator in Specter so he's not in the situation of being an effectively life-tenured douchebag like Kennedy/Kerry).