October 13, 2005

Stuck in the Miers

Did Bush actually get this pick right? Reason asks and suggests, yeah, he may have.
Therefore, as painful as it may be to admit, Bush might know what he is doing. He is walking away from a fight on abortion that he and his pro-life allies were likely to lose, a decision that leaves the always apocalyptic pro-lifers positively seething, denied the epic, soul-cleansing battle they long desired. But also without any other place to go.
I'm not sure I quite buy that, but only because I'm not sure he ever actually walked into the abortion fight in the first place. And I'm not convinced he's thinking of the party's future post-2008.

One thought: some have suggested (I think it was Maureen Dowd) that Bush's habit of placing less-qualified people around him is a sign of his desire to make himself look better. That argument is certainly strengthened by things like Miers's birthday note (a humorous version of which is here). If that's true, could Bush have some latent desire to see the Republican Party run aground after he's gone in order to secure his place next to Reagan (in hell)? Or am I just dreaming?

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