October 19, 2005

yeah i know

three my first day, i'm a fucking diva
not quite a CONSERVAdiva, but i'm hoping

anyway check this for some much-needed truth about the miers nomination and abortion as a distraction.

an excerpt:
"'My fear is that if [the religious right] get their main issues settled, they'll go home. The Christian Coalition represents a lot of white Southerners who used to be quasi-socialists. They used to buy into the whole Democratic Party's class warfare arguments. With a lot of those constituencies, we've brought them along so that they're as good on the tax issue as anyone else.'"- grover norquist, asshole

this should tell you a couple of things: firstly, grover norquist is an evil fucker. second, the evil fucker is telling is in print that the forces of economic conservatism are using lower-class people with strong religious affiliation to vote through economic packages that remove the safety nets from capitalism. there's a lot more at stake here than abortion, although of course abortion is important

read the article it's fucking imperative that you do so


  1. Anonymous12:26 PM

    Connor - You might find the following passage informative (from Webster's).

    "The use of capital letters is a mechanical aid to clear written communication. When you write, you use capital letters to distinguish certain elements from other elements in the sentence."

    Not to mention, that you otherwise come across as a complete idiot.

  2. Your comma, is in the wrong place in that last sentence, you stupid piece of shit. Your sentence, sounds awkward. Please don't, step to me with this kind of bullshit again. It's lame, that you took the time to actually look in Webster's just to make fun of me.