October 22, 2005

Harvey Mansfield Gets No Respect (and Deserves None)

Harvey Mansfield, a Harvard prof who recently graced Dartmouth with his quaint arcadianized Victorian notions of gender, has been spilling the same swill on his home turf. (The Harvard Crimson has the coverage here. Oddly enough, when citing Simone de Beauvoir as a primary source of what Mansfield calls "radical feminism," they give her a sex change--> "Simon de Beauvoir." No comment necessary.)

Some feminist blogs have lit up about it--mediagirl, feministing, and Echidne of the Snakes to name a few, and Kathryn Jean Lopez of National Review Online has fired back, saying they went "nuts over [a] sensible talk." [sigh--those hysterical women are at it, again, right? don't they have sensible shoes to be putting on? ]

A Harvard student who actually went to the talk, Cambridge Common [which looks like an excellent blog] said this:
What the Crimson story today failed to note (among many things too long to list in this post), was the fact that most of the audience spent most of his talk holding back laughter and looking at each other with amazed bemusement.
However, this comment on feministing just plain kills:
Manliness... huh? Those who can't do... teach.

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